Hitler Was A Catholic?

WOTAN:You might chatter Wagner was an Ultra-Christian and yet his ‘Ring’ tells of the family that besides created Valhalla in legend. You keep to go on a chase as Hitler had his archaeologists do – looking for Agarthe There the Valkyrie of Wagner gossip to channelers or trance orators like Hitler I entrust repeat a poem he wrote after years of examine in Vienna where his father had studied brewing their benefactor and relative named Rothschild. I leave try to do in 2,000 language what takes three volumes with lots of quotes and references The lack to machination two sides lambaste the middle to have the typical folks in fear is passive slice of the Illuminized Skull & Bones agenda to this remarkably day as a War on Terra continues while folks argue about the evils of Islam or Zionists

Hitler Was A Catholic?

Hitler Was A Catholic?

Did you understand Hitler called himself the torch-bearer of Jesus? He was referring to the Keltic/Aryan Iesa that Jesus was named after, but he hire fresh kinsfolk run with the opinion of his near messianic stratum for political reasons Here is a poem he wrote after over five years of scrutinize in Vienna where St Germain and Kaballists reigned supreme”I often go on beer nightsTo Wotan’s oak in the calmness glade With npromising powers to wrinkle a league The runic memorandum the moon makes with its necromancy word And all who are flawless of effrontery during the day Are made trivial by the witchcraft formula”

The Druids could prattle to God through the leaves of the oak This use of the title ‘God’ is debatable because the Druids or at least the High Druids knew humour and reality was additional than logical some anthropomorphed God In this poem we see a person who makes pacts with “dark powers” to make those he meets “full of impudence” into a secondary kernel or “made small by the magic” he believes he was empowered with through the “runic letter” (Ogham) of the necessitate effects of the moon. The moon has made the cycles of love and the menstrual cycle, it is a formidable cosmic obligate that those who understand how to meditate and downright their posses strength through or with that of the moon, may attain big things The comrade who wrote this in 1915 decidedly had some sweep in the arts of what the Grand Master of Hitlers Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion knew He was not a veritable Catholic as historians galore warn us, despite the detail that he would prattle he was He wasn’t even ex-communicated by the Pope and a sanctuary who studied the companion thoroughly Yes, this Adolf Hitler (Schiklgruber) was more than many consign him trophies for Here is a seldom quote from Hitler to present some insight into how he and Mussolini worked with the Vatican. Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools own no divine instruction, and a natural upright direction without a holy mainstay is built on air; consequently, all numeral probation and religion must be derived from faith we deprivation believing kin [Adolf Hitler, April 26, 1933, from a words made during negotiations prime to the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933]

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When I say Hitler was not a legitimate Catholic, I do so knowing that many Catholic leaders are Luciferians and they are well aware of the aged Brotherhood and the trading secrets or drug-running and fresh tools used by the Merovingian octopus. At certain periods the battle within the Catholic inner sanctums has been intense as any intellectual who sees how often the Jesuits were banned or worse, would know. When I top began delving deeply into the hegemony I was of the idea that Constantine deserved the Peabody Award for marketing and especially editing He dormant does, but he was one of the occultists or cryptic brethren in the genetic schooling of the power-brokers going back to at least the instance of the Perpetual Sailors who met once a year off the coast of Miletus shortly after the last major Trojan War which had taken calling in 18 additional theatres of operation throughout the world

Nautonnier is a word quiescent used in elapsed times by these people. It is the probe of the Priory of Sion or at least the titular leader of it Nautonnier manner pretty much the same object as Perpetual Sailor Respected historians like Michael Grant would gibber this yearly meeting drew together the most important folks or power-brokers of the Anatolian sash or perhaps further including Greece and some of the nearby islands like Rhodes where the Colossus would salutation the traders and pirates into its inoffensive harbor I surmise these yearly meetings are reasonable like the Bilderberg meetings of foregone date which are held chiefly at Rothschild Hotels from around the totality The fashionable meetings are arranged by ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volckers mace The Yale influence that includes many CIA or OSS kinsfolk including Bush numeral one is credited as having started the Bilderberg company beneath the titular rule of Prince Bernhard of the Royal family in the Netherlands

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Prince Bernhard is on register as adage he had a mountain of fun in the Thulean Gestapo navigation group during World War II His progeny had oil wells in Russia and was measure of the intrigues or funding of Hitler and the Hegelian playing of Russia and Germany (thus the world) castigate each other. I personally think the Thuleans used or were directed by the likes of Pierre Plantard de St Clair but that requires a collection supplementary research and commit be discussed in the sequential narrative The Thule term hearkens back to the pre-Trojan War Reich that Hitler sought to re-build in confederation with his British Royal cousins He was genuinely surprised that the British went inveigh him, I think. But at some quality the international bankers passion to own these wars and though they assignment closely with their Royal cousins they move them against each other It allows a crave period certainty of collecting on their debts and doing the friendly of article that the British King allowed Nathan Rothschild to do in trading British Treasury livestock at the conclusion of the Battle of Waterloo

So when you hear Richard Wagner was an ultra-Christian you must ask if it is legitimate or not unbiased like George Bush II who says he gets sanction from a higher warrant as he intimates he talks to God like Hitler The involvement of the CIA in the Vietnam era drug trade is no new entity even if the CIA or others had not been around just like the Bilderberg phrase was not around The founders of Skull & Bones at Yale are the Russell offspring who included a British Prime Minister that started the Opium Wars This is the corresponding device that was happening before Moses as they used potions with Peruvian cocaine to lock the leaders of Egypt as shown in forensic analysis of Egyptian mummies The Onassis Merovingian offspring of Smyrna in a city near Miletus where the Perpetual Sailors met had probably been doing the duplicate genial of something with hallucinogenic potions including the native Blue Lotus even before the use of Peruvian cocaine

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We recognize Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his model partner William of Hesse were major backers of the founding of the Illuminati (just a renewal of the Alumbrados word which are the founders of the Jesuits) by the Bavarians like Adam Weishaupt in a juncture when the Jesuits had been outlawed We perceive Goethe was measure of this and that Richard Wagner supplied them with harmonic attunement symbology to add to the Grimm brothers tales of the senescent Teutonic (Thulean) legends which built a terrible pride in the family Hitler describes how useful this supernatural behest was in guiding the political agenda in many of his writings Hitler is a Rothschild bastard of the corresponding genetic schooling which includes the use of mind-fogging demons or facade of demons We perceive Houston Stewart Chamberlain openly discussed his writing demon. I own written to David Icke and told him he was similarly mind-fogged in seeing the reptoids that allow the top to make him appear ludicrous Needless to natter folks dont lack to think they are duped by such supernatural sorcery or techniques They exalt to believe they are being visited by God in the occasion of George Bush II.

In the case of Nietzsche going enraged I agree with the experts that he did not keep a genetic disorder and I wonder additional than a scarcely about the use of the tepaphone by the blackguard or demonic FOGC which I have briefly mentioned. I am brewing to certain that Spartacus (This is the nickname taken by Adam Weisthaupt) was one of them and that this demonic band which says they have one demon in every band creation the hindmost member thus it is sometimes called a 99 team and might explain the 99 gradation used by Crowley- was allowance of romance wanting before Weishaupt and even the Borgia I can see why they would do this to Nietzsche and then use his workshop to assistance phenomenon other than what he intended His superman was not racist but in their gentle spin it became so I can well surmise many folks who posses not delved markedly into my well-researched books with quotes from blessing scholars and knowledgeable people, will have a uncommonly strenuous instance stomaching some of this abstract voyage